Hello again friends! Today I am happy to introduce to you the third of our four player characters, the Aasimar Bard Xander. Xander is not your typical Bard, he doesn’t play an instrument and won’t be lulling anyone to sleep with a lute, Xander works in much more exciting ways. You’ll have to tune in to our podcast to hear more about the thrilling Xander and his unique Barding methods. Xander will be played by our resident rules expert, Phillip. Phillip is a gaming veteran and provides a lot of insight for our group on how the rules of Pathfinder work.

Now, on to the fun stuff! Meet the one and only Xander!

Xander stared down the long wooden table laden with food and surrounded by revelry. Bowls of exotic fruit glistened with dew alongside gold lined plates assorted with fresh cheeses. Fine chalices brimming with wine sit scattered among large platters of perfectly roasted meat. The tantalizing aromas waft through the air and Xander’s mouth watered. Suddenly, the surrounding voices dropped to silence.

Xander looked around at his people and grinned. This is one of his favorite parts.

In unison, his people all raised their voices in praise of his glory.

“Blessings upon Lord Xander, Lord of Lords! May he rule for eternity! Long live Lord Xander!”

Xander sighed as the daydream flowed through his mind. Leaning up against the dusty tent, he idly rubbed his thumb across the letter. He would make this daydream a reality and this was his chance. He would have coffers full of gold and gems, extravagant feasts, adoring people, beautiful women vying for his attention and bards to sing tales of his glory. Xander would have it all and this letter was the key.

It had been a few years since that night. Xander was helping prepare for the next show just like any other night. He smoothly moved through the crowds making mental notes of the night’s marks. A young girl dropped her treat to the ground next to him and began to cry. Xander reached down to the ground plucking a blade of grass from the ground and turned to her. He relaxed the hold on his power and the light grew over his head coalescing into the telltale halo of an Aasimar. With a flourish, he presented the grass to the girl. “A beautiful flower for a beautiful maiden.”

The girl’s eyes lit up. Her father rubbed his eyes and stared incredulously at Xander’s hands. Xander only held a piece of grass but suddenly, they both saw a rare, colorful flower in its place. Xander winked at the girl before turning on his heels and walking away. He focused on the light inside him and pushed it back into himself causing the halo to disappear.

That’s when he saw him. The man was intently watching one of the performers, Sven, juggle knives before throwing them into a nearby target. His clothes immediately caught Xander’s attention.

Definitely not a commoner but not quite a noble. Perhaps some sort of scholar, Xander thought with a smile. They tended to carry magical trinkets upon themselves and he looked very distracted with the show. Too easy, Xander thought. With a purposeful stride, Xander moved to bump into the man providing an opening to pilfer items from him. Destiny had other plans in mind.

The ground suddenly shifted under Xander’s feet and he found himself unable to stop the momentum. With a crash, he fell into the man knocking him to the ground. As he fell, he felt a mysterious sharp pain in his arm. As he disentangled himself from the man, Xander looked over at the knife sticking out of his bicep. The knife thrower ran up to him lifting him up from the ground.

“It slipped from my hands! I was sure I was going to hit the customer until you dived in!” Sven proclaimed. Xander glared at the performer as he pulled the knife from his body. Xander was about to let loose a torrent of curses when the customer grabbed a hold of his hands and looked at him with eyes wide.

“You saved me! I can’t believe how fast you were!”

Xander bit his lip and smiled. “Of course, good sir! I couldn’t let a man of your obvious stature be harmed!”

“I’m Professor Petros Lorrimor. Let me buy you a drink. It can’t make up for what you’ve done for me but it’s a start”.

Xander may have lost his quarry that night but years later, his accidental heroism was finally paying off. The timing of the letter was perfect. The crowds had dwindled, and the money was no longer flowing. Xander had skipped meals a number of times lately. The carnival wouldn’t miss him at all. One less mouth to feed.

“It’s time to move on. I’m meant for more than this.” Xander mumbled to himself as he headed off to his tent to pack.