Mordigrim's Goodbye Letter

Dear friends,

I have failed on many fronts. I failed to save Xander. I failed to save Zokar. I failed to save Caeller. I have failed to save myself. Throughout our conquest of Harrowstone I have fallen time and time again in battle, saved only by the strength of others. I have continuously proven myself to be wholly unworthy of a place in the next life.

If I have learned anything from our time in Harrowstone it is that I am clearly not capable of protecting myself or those around me in combat. Perhaps I am too weak to continue on with the adventures of this group, perhaps I am just too old. Whatever the case, I must face the fact that it is time for me to retire as a member of this party. When we last spoke with Vessoriana and she sealed the haunts of Harrowstone with her supernatural powers I could feel the dark aura of that place dissipating. It was as if the entirety of Ravengro exhaled and released into the air the black cloud of smoke that had been choking it for some time. Everything has changed here. I believe that my part in those changes has settled my debt to Lorrimar.

I no longer believe that I have a place in the next life. When I die in this world, it will be the end of me for good. Having accepted the nature of my reality, I fully expected to lose touch with my divine gifts from Groetus. However, I have not. Therefore I must assume that I have some other purpose here. I have come to believe that I am meant to stay in Ravengro, spread the word of Groetus, and find myself an acolyte to teach and to prepare for the next life. If I cannot move on into the new pantheon myself then I shall use my gifts to raise up another. It is too late for me but I may yet be able to save and prepare someone else.

In the meantime I will also seek to aid the town of Ravengro in whatever way I can. The loss of both Zokar and Caeller will undoubtedly leave Ravengro staggered. I hope that I can help fill in wherever I am needed.

I have not come to this decision with a light heart. I have grown quite fond of you all as companions. Jo and Luka, we have faced many horrors together in a very short time. You both stood strong in the face of fear, even when I did not. I am sincerely grateful for your aid in those troubling times. Rowan, I see great potential in you and though I do not know you well I have quickly grown to trust you. Soon you will all be going to the University of Lepidstadt. Since I will not be accompanying you I expect no share of the reward promised to the party by Lorrimar’s will. Should you all ever find yourself in Ravengro again, come and find me so that we may sup together over a bowl of Zokar’s famous-recipe corpse chowder and you can regale me with the tales of your adventures. I expect you will find a great many things worth telling about along your way.

I shall be returning to my home now to spend at least a few days in solitude refocusing myself with prayer and ritual. Please do not seek me out without good reason, I do not wish for my rituals to be disturbed and frankly I would not like to say goodbye in person. I never was very good at the softer emotions.

I have left a few items for you all and I hope they can help you in your journey. Distribute them however you see fit.

Goodbye for now, my friends.

Mortimer Jebediah Grimwauld