Have a seat, friend! Today you have the pleasure of having a one-on-one conversation with the fourth and final member of our party, the Wizard Luka! Luka will be played by our good friend Julio and Julio has written his introduction to Luka from Luka’s perspective.

In fact, why don’t I just go ahead and let Luka do the talking?

Hello. I am Luka - the All Powerful Wizard! Or so I hope to be in the future. You see, I recently graduated from the Acadamae. Ever since I was little, it was my dream to attend this school and become the most powerful wizard. My father went to this school, and his father went to this school, and his father before him as well. Nothing less is to be expected for a line of wealthy wizards from Korvosa.

You want to know about my hair? *chuckle* Many people have wanted to know the secret of how I keep it so shiny and luxuriously soft. The secret is I don’t use shampoo - only conditioner. That and I also brush it 100 strokes every morning.

I see, so straight into it then. *sigh* My mother… *deep breath* My mother is a sorcerer, blessed with innate magic. My twin brother Zuka, however, was not blessed with an innate ability nor was he able to perform anything more complicated than Light.

Jealousy? Oh by Nethys’ mask yes! When we were children, Zuka resented me. He was always crying to Papa about how it wasn’t fair that I could use magic better than he could. I studied hard, but I must admit that casting a spell came relatively easy to me.

Mother tried to reason with him. She tried so hard. She showed him other paths he could follow and tried to make him understand that there is no shame in not using magic. But Zuka is very prideful and he would not accept that.

When acceptance letters came out from the Acadamae, my parents were very proud of my admission. Zuka was not accepted. He threw his letter in the fire and locked himself in his room for months. Mama would leave him food, but he didn’t speak to anyone or go anywhere. Late at night, it sounded like he was talking to someone in his room. But whenever anyone would check on him he would just be holding Smokey, his stuffed firepelt.

No, my family is no longer together, unfortunately, and I do not know their whereabouts. On my first day at the Acadamae, Zuka left home, presumably with Mama. Neither left a trace nor have been seen since. All of their belongings except my Mama’s ivory handled hair brush and Smokey.

Papa did everything he could to find them, but nothing turned up. Then about a year ago he left on a journey to find Mama. He caught wind of a lead from a traveler that came to Korsova and had to investigate. We kept in touch through a magic journal that he gave me.

Our conversations have been one sided for the last 8 months, I remain hopeful that one day he will write back to me through his journal and tell me good news of his adventure - that he has found Mama and Zuka. Something. Anything… There’s nothing to do but to keep writing; hoping my words reach him.

Yes, I have wanted to search myself, but my dedication to my studies has prevented me from venturing out into the world. There is much I have left to learn, and I will need to master more magic before I can set off on that quest to reunite with my family.

Oh sure, I have heard whispers. Some say that Zuka has found the source of power he was looking for and vows to prove he is the superior twin. Even darker whispers say that he has turned into a demon. While I am unsure what to believe, it is true he had much hatred in his heart… I’m sorry, but I do not wish to speak further of this.

Something happier? Let’s talk about magic; specifically the Arcane! While I was studying at the Acadamae, Dr. Lorrimor came to give a guest lecture series. He is … was a personal hero of mine, and I was very excited to learn as much as I could from him. He covered subjects from dragons to arcane symbols. I attended every lecture he gave - even so far as attending his talk about magical traditions and ancient rituals 8 times!

Maybe it was my eagerness to learn or maybe he saw my future potential. Either way, Dr. Lorrimor took an interest in me and gave me several private lectures of the Arcane. We talked for hours every day while he was staying at the school as I hoped to learn everything he had to offer.

As his time at the school came to an end, he told me that I was one of his favorite pupils, which of course filled me with great pride. Then he told me next time he came back to the school, he would have something for me. Something he could not talk about openly. Sadly, he died before he could make good on that promise.

I did receive a letter stating that the Doctor had left something behind for me. What it could be is beyond me, but I cannot wait to find out. Maybe it is what he was going to give me on his next visit. Whatever it is, this is my first step on my journey to becoming the World’s Greatest Wizard!