Jo Lestaren

Image by @lisk_art

Say hello to Jo! Jo is a Dwarf Slayer and will be filling the role of both Ranger and Rogue for our party. Jo is an original character designed by and played by Molly.

Welcome Jo to the world of Golarion and get to know her before we venture into Ustalav!

Jo and her husband, Joseph, have been married for fifty three years. Originally from the county of Barstoi, they fled after seeing the harsh rule of Count Neska reach its peak. Jo’s friend Inga had a young child who was deathly ill. They were unable to afford a potion that might save her, and Inga stole it. She was put to death for her crime, prompting Jo and Joseph to seek a new home.

The Lestaren‘s built a small house in the Hungry Mountains, just outside of Barstoi. With a strong desire to remove themselves from the society that they could no longer trust, they decided to live off of the land and rely on nobody. They fought off the horrors that came across their house and became fighters as well as farmers.

Jo was acquainted with Professor Lorrimor from his many travels. He passed through their lands on his way to Barstoi one day, stopping for a quick chat and a rest. The Lestaren’s didn’t trust him, but as he left their lands he also left their thoughts. That is, until Jo began to feel and act strange. She quickly fell victim to possession, and Joseph didn’t know what to do. He searched for and sent word to Professor Lorrimor.

Lorrimor came to the Lestaren household with a cleric that could perform the exorcism. With the spirit banished, Jo and Joseph had no way to pay. Lorrimor told them not to worry. One day he would surely need a favor, and he would call on them to help him. They agreed, knowing that it would be a grim day when they would have to repay their favor. Surely any favor that this man would need would involve dark forces.

About a year later, a rock slide occurred that wiped out the couple’s household and buried their small farm. They would need to earn money and find a new location in order to rebuild their lives. They made their way to Ascanor Lodge in the Shudderwood Forest to hunt and earn a new living. Soon after their arrival, Jo received a letter. It was time to repay her favor… with a heavy heart she left her husband, promising that they would write often until they could reunite and make a new home together.