Bloodspine the Mwangi Dragon


Iggy is a Lizardfolk Barbarian. Iggy is an original character designed by and played by Brad.

I’m Iggy. Well, that’s what Boss Fibs calls me anyway. The Boss tells strangers I am “Bloodspine the Mwangi Dragon”. Sometimes people say I'm awful small for a dragon but Boss always says “he ain't stopped growing yet, ‘as he?”. Boss started calling me Iggy when I was a hatchling. When he's been drinking he likes to tell the story about how he got me, he always says he thought he got ripped off and got stuck with a “bloody big iguana egg” but then I grew and grew and just kept growing. I’ve never seen an iguana but Boss says I just gotta look at my reflection if I want to see what they look like. Boss has travelled a lot and seen a lot, he knows a lot too.

Boss says I came out of my egg fighting. Says he had to put a harness on me that same day just to keep me from “picking the wrong fight”. He says there’s wrong fights and right fights and I gotta let him decide which is which. Boss looks out for me, he's always making sure I'm safe. Now we travel all over from town to town in our wagons and put on a fighting show for the people we meet. He even bought me a strong blade to fight with. Nothing I like better than the days Boss lets me fight. One day though Boss gave me a fight and I took a hit to the head. I don't remember much after that but I woke up with my collar on. Boss says I lost control and went into some sort of rage, says it took ten men to bring me down, now I got my collar to protect me if I blackout. He’s always looking out for me.

I work hard for Boss Fibs. I pull his rickshaw, I load and unload the carts and wagons for the shows, I hunt food for everyone, I guard his caravan and campsites, I fight when he tells me to fight, I do anything he needs. He gave me a real good bow to hunt with and when I do a good job and get a good kill I get extra food. Boss feeds me real good. Keeps me strong. I eat better than any of his other animals. He keeps me cleaner than the other animals too. Always cleans my fighting wounds, even takes me to human healers if I get hurt too bad. He gave me a bedroll just like the humans and he lets me sleep chained to the side of his own personal wagon next to my very own fire instead of in the cages with the other animals. He’s a good boss.

Not too long ago Boss Fibs met a troupe of performers, they call themselves The Crooked Kin. He says they’re a bunch of freaks but they bring in more money so for now we travel with them. Good for business he says. The troupe tells Boss I should eat with them, Boss says “it ain’t proper for an animal to sit and eat with humans”. Boss is right, I wouldn’t want to ruin their meals. The troupe says I should sit by the fire with them at night, Boss says “that right there is his own fire, innit? He’s warm and snug over there, ain’t he?” Boss is right, I like my fire. The troupe says a lot of things; they’re good people but they talk about me like I’m a human.

The one called Lidia sat by my fire one night when Boss Fibs was sleeping off an evening of heavy drinking. I tried to give her my food but she didn’t want it, she said she just wanted to talk. Strange lady, wanting to have a conversation with an animal. She asked a bunch of questions, I tried to answer but I don’t know as much as Boss does. I kept telling her to ask him in the morning instead but she wouldn’t. So I told her I work for Boss Fibs, I do what he wants. I like to fight and Boss tells me when I can and can’t fight, he makes sure I don’t pick the wrong fight. He takes care of me. She calls me a slave. I don’t even know what a slave is. She says I deserve to keep the money from my fights, I deserve to fight on my own terms, and she says nobody should live in chains. She says “wouldn’t that be better? Wouldn’t that make you happy?” I didn’t say anything, I sat there silent until she left me alone. I’ve never thought about being happy.

She was right though. I think it would be better. Just think of all the things I could buy with human money; the fancy food, the fancy clothes, maybe I could have my own wagon one day and set up my own fighting show. But I’m just an animal. Humans won't do business with an animal. I can’t pick my own right fights, I can't look out for myself…

Can I?